Japanese culture is saturated in a respect and love for the natural world.

Drawing nature indoors, the natural elements along with colour immersed in historical meaning can create a luxurious palette of elements for a harmonious interior.

In this Japanese inspired interior for a bedroom, the bamboo carpet which is environmentally friendly and soft to the touch also has natural anti-bacterial and humidity regulating properties. Bamboo Carpets are very low or free of ‘VOC’S’ (Volatile Organic Compounds) and so a much more healthy alternative to the multitude of evils synthetic material carpets hide releasing formaldehyde into the air for months after.

The use of colour traditionally in Japan infuses meaning. The colour red historically denotes strength and passion, it is the colour that ‘gets the blood flowing’. Black however denotes mystery and night. Visually, these combined compliment, yet the colour orange softens this contrast denoting love and happiness in traditional Japanese culture.

The use of sliding Shoji screen doors, the perfect way to divide the space between the bedroom and the main apartment over a much larger opening. This allows the flow of more light in the entire space and privacy when required with a simple graceful glide.

The table lights named “Revolve” are by the award winning British Design company Bert Frank incorporating the colours of Black and of Gold – the latter of which is traditionally used extensively in Japanese decoration and symbolises wealth and prestige. The table lights a perfect compliment to the interior with an intricate minimalism.

Behind the bed, a large framed textured fabric of a cherry blossom with etched glass represents the fragility and the beauty of life. The etched glass reflecting light with a refraction of reds and pinks and the colours of the room. The cherry blossom is a renowned reminder that life is overwhelmingly beautiful but also tragically short.

The Sphere 9-light LED Cluster Pendant available from Wayfair suspends in the air representing the “Irogane” Japanese class of coloured metals. Copper (Shakudo) , Gold and Silver. The Spheres – a nod to “Dorodango” (The Japanese art of perfecting a sphere) float in the air. An eloquent metaphor in which an aesthetic quality and patience achieve perfection.

This beautiful apartment by the sea incorporates ‘Mizu’ (water). This completes the spiritual connection incarnating the purity and pliant simplicity of life.

All Images © Copyright 2019 Bradley Faye – Interior Design by Bradley Faye

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