A word often bandied about in a whimsical fashion.

However when it comes to Anglepoise and Designer Paul Smith this description couldn’t be more appropriate.

Having collaborated together previously this new collection which arrives in September will be their fourth alliance. Paul Smith himself describes this series as an exploration of scale. Focusing his attention on the Anglepoise type 75™ desk lamp, (created originally for Anglepoise by leading British industrial product designer Sir Kenneth Grange) which Paul affectionately termed all three sizes as ‘Mini’, ‘Midi’ and ‘Maxi’.

In this series, designer Paul Smith revisits a unique patchwork of colour scheme previously created for a unique version of the Land Rover Defender. This palette now becomes the inspiration for the Type 75™.

Edition 4 with preorders available here reference colours that dominate the countryside; Deep earth burgundy, leaden grey, sky blue, dappled green, rich clay and a surprising dash of fluorescent yellow. Anglepoise themselves describe his mastery of colour as tailor-made.

Anglepoise & Paul Smith Edition Four comprises a Type 75™ desk lamp in standard and mini sizes as well as a Type 75™ floor lamp, which is included for the first time in the Anglepoise and Paul Smith collection.

All the new lamps will be available at Anglepoise in addition to other selected retailers world wide from early September.

Recommended prices are as follows:

Type 75™ Desk Lamp – Paul Smith Edition Four £195

Type 75™ Mini Desk Lamp – Paul Smith Edition Four £165

Type 75™ Floor Lamp – Paul Smith Edition Four £260

All images supplied © copyright courtesy of Anglepoise.

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