Marc Newson – Recognised by Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people and certainly one of the most influential designers of his generation. Having accrued a portfolio of work across a range of disciplines with some of the most prestigious and best known brands in the world spanning fashion, luxury, technology and transportation.

The only designer represented by the Gagosian Gallery has designed a second range of innovative rolling luggage for Louis Vuitton with the modern traveller in mind.

The luggage consists of a breakthrough technology for the outer shell made of thermo formed 3D knit with a double sided Jacquard, Newson’s interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s signature Monogram.

A technical yarn fashioned from elastic and thermo-fusible threads with a seamless knitting technology from a process tailored specifically to the needs of Louis Vuitton.

The yarn is then given a water repellent treatment, cuts for pockets and zips are made with ultra-sound cutting techniques and rather than stitching as per conventional products of comparison, a tape fused process through a heat setting and thermo forming process for the one piece knit is actioned to give the object its shape. An elegant high tech solution to eliminate 95% what would otherwise be required stitching.

The essential weight and capacity travel ingredients are essential considerations during the development process. Using new technologies and endless testing, Marc Newson has ensured the weight has been reduced to a minimum and volume has been maximised. Weighing a mere 2.9 Kilos for the cabin size, this design has achieved a lightweight, strong and resistant luggage for the discerning traveller.

Available now from Louis Vuitton and other qualifying retailers 2019.

All images supplied and © Copyright Marc Newson Ltd

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