Healthy Home Furnishings

Interior Design is often heavily reliant on fabrics and textures, in the aim to create a certain ambience that define what the designer or homemaker is aiming to procure. However, often overlooked is what health implications certain materials can have on our well-being and other luxurious materials and furnishings we can use for a healthy alternative. We love a good carpet here in the UK, however a pioneering study conducted by NIHR Southampton Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit concluded that by exposing dust mite extracts to babies reduced their risk of developing allergies. Dust mites are the most prevalent allergy- triggering substance inducing reactions of asthma in a high proportion of children. In addition to fabrics that attract dust mites the additional cause of concern are VOC’S (Volatile Organic Compounds). Conventional carpets that consist of nylon fibres with a plastic backing along with the adhesives that can contain benzene and Toluene…

Japanese Inspired Interior

Japanese culture is saturated in a respect and love for the natural world. Drawing nature indoors, the natural elements along with colour immersed in historical meaning can create a luxurious palette of elements for a harmonious interior. In this Japanese inspired interior for a bedroom, the bamboo carpet which is environmentally friendly and soft to the touch also has natural anti-bacterial and humidity regulating properties. Bamboo Carpets are very low or free of ‘VOC’S’ (Volatile Organic Compounds) and so a much more healthy alternative to the multitude of evils synthetic material carpets hide releasing formaldehyde into the air for months after. The use of colour traditionally in Japan infuses meaning. The colour red historically denotes strength and passion, it is the colour that ‘gets the blood flowing’. Black however denotes mystery and night. Visually, these combined compliment, yet the colour orange softens this contrast denoting love and happiness in traditional…